Inho Choi,
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The 1st R&D Institute
Agency for Defense Development (ADD)
Missile electronic system design and development
Communications theory and signal processing
Robust communication technique in harsh fading channel
Verification method, Validation way for certification and reliability
Mar/20 - Present
Ph.D. candidate in Electrical Engineering, CNU, Daejeon, Korea
Mar/11 - Feb/13
M.S. in Information and Communication Engineering, DGIST, Daegu, Korea
Mar/02 - Feb/09
B.S. in Electronic, Electrical and Computer Science, KNU, Daegu, Korea
Engineer Radio Telecommunication Equipment, 2016
Feb/14 - Present
Researcher, Agency for Defense Development (ADD), The 1st R&D Institute, Daejeon, Korea
Feb/13 - Jan/14
Senior Research Engineer, LIGnex1, Communication R&D Lab, Kyunggi-do, Korea
- Development Robot Control Network (RCN) (with Agency for Defense Development)
Wireless system for unmanned robot, vehicle based on 4G wireless technology
Including 2x4 MIMO, AMS/AMC, autonomic Ad-hoc network.
Jan/09 - Feb/11
Research Engineer, LIGnex1, Avionics R&D Lab, Daejeon, Korea
- Development Rugged AMLCD Avionics Display
12.1inch Dumb type Multi-function Display(DMFD) with Touchscreen
(Display System, MKE Research Project, 2009 Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition)
- Development, 8.4inch DMFD for certification KTSO-C113 (Korea FAA)
- Participated in research, Application of Helmet Mounted Display(HMD) system in Link-K
(Agency for Defense Development, Preceding Study Project)
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Missile system design and project management, ADD, 2014.2~Present
Ground Robot Remote Control Network, ADD, 2013.2~2014.1
Research on Intra-body Wireless System for Biomedical Implants, MEST, 2012. 5~2015. 4
Artificial Wireless Implant Technology for Rehabilitation of Human Sensory System, DGIST, 2012.5~2013.12
Effective SNR Estimation for LTE system 2011.6~2013.12
R&D incentive, Silver prize, Defense Acquisition Program Administration, Nov. 2019
Letter of appreciation, ROK Joint Chiefs, Nov. 2018.
Letter of commendation, ROK Joint Chiefs, Aug. 2016.
Achievement Award, ADD, Sep. 2015
Participation Award, English Speaking Contest, KNU, Nov, 2008
Issued Patents
[1] 황치호, 임수열, 이환석, 이상문, 최인호,”해상 수신용 원격측정 시스템”, issued, Korea, 10-1986357, May.
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